Doomtree “Bangarang” music video premiere at Vice!

Director: Isaac Gale, Producer: Nathan Kloke, Editor: JoLynn Garnes

This Is Not A Place

New work by Isaac Gale and David Jensen

XYZ Gallery, Minneapolis MN

A multi-media installation debuting video, photography and sculpture work.


vid I did for polica!

New Colin Stetson video “Those Who Didn’t Run”

Directed by Isaac Gale

Edited by JoLynn Garnes and Isaac Gale

interviewed by interview!

Time Magazine reviews the Bon Iver Deluxe Edition and debuts our video for “Hinnom, TX” here:  

New Doomtree video “Bolt Cutter.” Directed and shot by myself and Maria Juranek, using only cell phone light and skateboards. Edit by me.